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Thread: 61' Belair build "Dosido"

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    61' Belair build "Dosido"

    Figure its time to post up my 61' Belair that I bought about 5 months ago. Found this one on Craigslist and grabbed her up quick since most aren't huge fans of 4 doors.

    Here she is the day I bought her

    Not year correct but couldn't pass up a nice set of 60' hubcaps for $25

    Wasn't diggin the rake so I brought the back down and dropped on some skirts

    Current, my boy Austo is currently working the roof for me. After a little dry time it will be ready for buffing and she will be back home

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    Love the skirts! Thanks for posting!
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazeejohn View Post
    Love the skirts! Thanks for posting!
    Thanks man. Glad to be here

    More clear on the roof coming soon but been sourcing some parts in the mean time. Managed to make up some frenched antenna tubes just need to weld some drain tubes on. Also scored a tube grill



    52258584_409163489832336_2385014069821177856_n (1).jpg

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