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Thread: Knew from over here.

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    Knew from over here.

    Hi all! My name is Bret and I have a stupid car! I like what I see here and thought I'd sign up and see what you guys are about. I think I follow a few of you on social media. Anyway, I'm happy to be here!

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    Welcome back, Bret!

    Thumbs up for your signature! I'd take forums like this over all that social media stuff like facebook, instagram etc. any day. I hope this place will be picking up pace again. I still don't have much to contribute here except my love and passion for this style of cars. Still struggling to get my hands on a "stupid car" of my own, but my job situation never has been better than now, so I'm optimistic to achieve that life-long goal within the next few years.
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    I wish I could take credit for the sig, but it's based on something edog said in instagram. I've tried to post every once in a while here, but seeing how people miss it and want it to be something again made me post in intros. We're the only ones who can bring it back if we want it back!

    Good luck achieving your dreams!

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    Welcome (back)!

    I forgot how to message board!
    "The world can be a crappy and negative place sometimes, so it goes a long way when something as simple and irrelevant as a car can bring a huge smile to someone's face." - Rasputin

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    Wow do people still even use this board? I guess so. Anyways thanks for the post Brett. Guess I'll have to start checking this more often from here on out ...
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    Hey mate, welcome from Australia!

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