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Thread: Need Help installing color bar FAIL!

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    Need Help installing color bar FAIL!


    Im hoping someone is still active on this board and can help a brother out.

    Im installing a color bar on a 1978 Lincoln Mark V.

    I tapped into a 12v supply running from the stock radio. The wire had an ALTERNATOR NOISE SUPPRESSOR on it that also supplied power to the radio and was joined by a button splice.

    I wired in my color bar 12v to the splice and lost all sound to my speakers. But the tape deck would still light up and I could hear the heads turning.

    I hooked everything back up as I had found it and still no sound. Also, the car ceased to fire up (I think this could be a dead battery, since it was very weak to begin with and having the interior lights on for over an hour didnt help)


    Can splicing into the 12v of the Noise Suppressor mess up my breaker less distributor unit? I didnt short anything to my knowledge.

    Would a low battery really keep my speakers from working?

    Would all speakers blow out at once, it didnt quite make sense to me?

    slo n' lo, the only way to go. 5 miles an hour so er'body see's you.

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    slo n' lo, the only way to go. 5 miles an hour so er'body see's you.

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    I don't know anything and I've never installed or seen instructions for installing a color bar. What I can say is the most recent time my alternator quit I began to suspect something was up because my radio would cut out at normal (really high) volume. I would say low battery could contribute although I think it would act like cutting more that not working at all.

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