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Thread: New 1959 Galaxie Project

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    New 1959 Galaxie Project

    Got a new project, a 1959 Fairlane Galaxie 500. Runs/drives, 332 auto, needs quite a bit of love though. Rockers, glass, full interior, some rust in the trunk, etc. Car was originally white/turquoise, red/black is just rattlecanned (hideous). Plan is to lower it, not sure if I'll link the rear or leave the leafs, possible air ride, steel wheels with beauty rings, undecided on color yet though. Key is trying to do it on the cheap. Just hoping I didn't overpay for the car, as it seems the '59's are the bastard child of the big Fords, parts wise.
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    Cool '59 ! It's gonna cost a few bucks to link the rear and if you did I would go with air ride or equivalent on the rear. To keep costs down maybe a lowered spindle on the front... has real potential. Thanks for posting!
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    Think there was another 59 ford on here before. he is from squires car club from napa calif. He might of posted the photos in his introduction.

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    Those are neat cars. An old friend from MoFos had one years ago. I think it was 2 linked in the rear. I don't remember what they look like in the rear, but there's nothing wrong with dearched leaves, blocks, and a c notch to get it down. Don't be so quick to bag it, especially if you're thinking of low cost fun. For being as rough as you say, it presents fairly well. Wash it and hit the streets! Hahaha. Like Dave said, thanks for posting!

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    nice, and its nice to see some activity
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    Man that's cool. Get her low and cruise, no reason not to just start with blocks in the back and cut some coils in the front for the meantime until the funds are available for adjustable suspension. Post some pics when you get her on the street. Funky thing!
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