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Thread: 65 falcon

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    65 falcon

    I just picked up a new project a 1965 falcon. Some of you might recognize the car it was from here before. It has been a gone a few years and a couple different owners. 16809312_10154218764597805_812905447_n.jpg$_27ZOT4ID1I.jpg
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    Bitchin! Looks fun.

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    Great car ! Post more pics ! ^_^
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    Love that car! I'm gonna stay tuned to this

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    Very Nice! I recently purchased a 1960 2-door Falcon wagon that I have begun working on.
    What is the suspension set up on your '65 wagon?
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    The car has stock front end with bags and mustang spindles. The back is a two link with a big frame notch. From the front frame too were the the notch is all tube frame with a custom floor and trany tunnel.

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