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Thread: anyone at Pomona?

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    anyone at Pomona?

    Anyone at pomona? Any bad ass new builds debuting? How's the suede room? photos?

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    As usual, I went this year... cruised my F100 out with six other hot rods from Phoenix. It was the usual amazing show, packed with some recently-found historic cars being resurrected (the "Capri" shoebox-turned-ranchero concept, Ed Roth's old shop truck '56 F100.) It was a big year for Packards with the stunning "Rita" '58 Packard convertible from Oz Welch/D'Agostino, and HHR's '36 Packard winning the 68th AMBR. So many nice cars, and good people (for the locals, I saw Stoney and Brooke, and the elusive Il Gimmi) It's the best. I'll try to post up some pics later...
    I think we can do better than that...

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    Was a fun show, we were in the mexican village with our cars all day, and didn't get to venture out too much (mainly because of b e e r ).

    The places we did venture too were cool, lots of nice stuff as always.

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