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Thread: rain rain go away come back another day

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    rain rain go away come back another day

    Have not washed my car since May 2015. Getting heavy rain storm here in north California. Never cleared the drains on the roof of the house and went to the garage and my car is getting a wash from the drains over flowing and draining right across the celling on to my car. Lesson learned clean your drains.
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    You haven't washed your car since 2015? ��
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    Man, we have to clean our gutters out at least once a year with the amount of rain that we get up here.
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    No wash, Just wipe it down. Don't want any water getting under the mouldings. Original paint and I got no plans to do a repaint. Just noticed a small rust hole in the spare tire well from all the empty beer cans leaking over the winter.*

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    me too, I have only washed my car once and that was the weekend I brought her home. I spray wax her everyweek
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    Now I got some stray animal living in my back seat. Ruined my jackets with Hair and fleas. Gonna set off a flea bomb now and duct tape the garage doggie door

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