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    Toolbox Badge

    Not the most earth shaterring tech tip ever but I'm mostly just surprised I didn't think of this sooner. Using the back cover of an old catalog with relatively thick paper, I popped the factory '68 Impala emblem thru the paper basically making a pattern to drill. I marked the center with a sharpie and trimmed the pattern to make it easy to place on the box.
    For some, glue or tape would be better and not have to drill holes in my fancy toolbox, but it's only from HF. Plus haven't had much luck with glue/tape lasting thru a winter in CO.

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    nice, good idea. I have an extra lesabre emblem that's going to end up on my tool box.
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    I saw this on IG. I smiled because I have the Chevrolet dash script from a '50 on the toolbox in my trunk. We shave cars and put emblems on toolboxes. Somehow it makes sense.

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