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Thread: Reinforcing for Hollywood top? School me o' knowledgable souls!

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    Reinforcing for Hollywood top? School me o' knowledgable souls!

    Whats up LBCC - Wanted to get schooled by ya'll about some reinforcements.

    My 73 cadillac, I'm getting about ready to hack it up and do a hollywood top. Gonna be my first rodeo with doing this, but willin' to take the shot.

    Now, regarding reinforcing - My minds in a mumbo jumbo regardin' in.

    Was thinking of reinforcing rockers, and frame, but where else should I be looking body wise? I've been thinking of maybe trying to reference el dorado convertibles of the same year to get the idea.

    Thanks everyone,


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    Might wanna reach out to @_phillip_gabriel_

    Ive also seen a couple threads on layitlow about the subject as well.

    Hope that helps.
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    ^ That is a good idea.

    I will talk to my old boss about it, too. I know he has done more than a few. When I am through you can act like you knew.

    Rhymes with....the guy who would have the good ideas.

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    Okay, so I reached out and here is roughly what I got: Don't worry too much about it. Keep in mind most of the cars he has done were show cars, so long term concerns one would have driving every day are nonexistent. A lot of minitrucks got them back in the day, too. I know they never cared. A nice job was one that had the top of the windshield frame capped.

    Being a '73 Cadillac coupe, we reason that the strength you would need to keep the car from twisting should be present. I have never seen a '73 frame, but have seen '69 and '70. I know those are stout. When it comes down to it, cut it off, put a jack under the rear most crossmember, and jack it up. Then open and close the door. If it opens and closes like it did with the roof whole, you are done. At most, possibly adding a soft z shaped piece of reasonably heavy gauge steel, such as 12 or 14 gauge, to the inner rocker would be enough. However, knowing those cars have boxed perimeter frames and small quarter windows, I would not be concerned much with structural losses due to a Hollywood top. Definitely do the jack check, though, to be sure. Also, be cautious of the sawzall (if that is what you use) blade getting pinched. It means things are moving, and that is generally not good.

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