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Thread: bagging my lesabre

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    bagging my lesabre

    hey guys, just curious if any one knows how hard it is to bag a 65 lesabre. getting ready to start ordering stuff, this is my first install and was curious. any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    thank you
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    Might want to ask @Low n Loud since he recently static dropped his 64.
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    I'm not sure if the 65's changed as far as suspension / frame from the 64. Is it an X-Frame? My 64 is X- frame, and it's pretty straight forward. No matter what, I'm pretty certain there is going to be some degree of fabrication for you, but it should be pretty "normal" as far as bagging a car goes. (relocating front shocks, making bag cups, modifying control arms, etc etc)
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    If your car has a x frame I don't see why impala parts wouldn't work.... maybe? I know my car isn't a x frame so I had to make all my mounts. It wasn't hard.

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    thanks for the feedback guys. I talked to Jay at BC Fab and he hooked me up with universal cups and bags. its pretty straight forward like an impala. got my compressors, tank, bags and cups ordered. I think I'm going to run the Airlift 3h controller.
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