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Thread: Hello from Estonia

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    Hello from Estonia

    Hi there

    My name is Jarmo and I've been lurking around this message board for some years, incognito up until now.
    I'm from Tallinn, Estonia (that's 80. kilometres South from Finland, just over the bay).

    Currently mainly working as a pinstriper/signpainter and also doing some custom paint stuff.
    I've also been tattoo artist since 1998 and making music from about the same time. As I like to listen to a lot of different genres then my projects have been quite different as well - Odota is drone/doom/industrial/blackened metal, Blood Pavilion electronic/industrial/noosewave, Skull Trading is techno, Hjem electronic pop and so on. Also a previous doom project Talbot that I toured a lot with - all over the Europe, Russia, Balkan countries and also Australia & Japan.

    Among other cars one of my current project is an 1980. Dodge Aspen that's getting some early-lowrider-look vibes - Supremes, thin whites, pinstripes, patterned roof paintjob etc.
    Not juiced though, back end is bagged.
    One pic as it sits right now, the front end needs to come down a bit as well:

    Hopefully next week I can start laying down the flake and patterns onto the roof.

    In 2008 I sold my 1966 Volvo Amazon that found it's way back to the family few years ago and is now owned by my girlfriend. Right now it's in the bodyshop, aiming for the mild kustom.
    As it last looked in 2008, right before tearing apart, quite an hoodride look:

    I hope this does it for the intro.

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    Pinstriping, signpainting, custom painting
    One Eyed Morse Kustoms -

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    "Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit."
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    Welcome Jarmo ! Loving the spirit within your projects : mild custom, early lowrider, using what you got.
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    Welcome to the board Jarmo
    "You're gonna get what I give ya" - Piewagon 60

    "Absolutely" - Biskit

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    Welcome to the board, Jarmo!!!! Awesome you found us from Estonia!!
    "If your going to build a time machine into a car, why not do it with style?" - Dr. Emmit Brown

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    Thanks everyone!
    Pinstriping, signpainting, custom painting
    One Eyed Morse Kustoms -

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    Welcome aboard! 🏼

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