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Thread: Things look different now!

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    Things look different now!

    That's right, as a result of the malware issue we've updated the forum. Neat, huh? This can do a lot more than before, and we'll be working to update this place and make it feel a little more like home. Thanks for your patience while we hack this together, let us know if anything doesn't work right. We'll try to keep this together as best we can, we build cars not websites so thanks for the patience and understanding while we transition into this new forum software.

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    Thanks for all of your hard work taking care of the board and the blog, Nic!

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    Thanks Nic for your behind the scenes hard work

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    Looks fantastic ! Good job Nic ...
    5 on 5

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    I quit visiting here because of the warning on my computer. Glad to see it is ok to visit again

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    Don't be a stranger @Roger O'Dell !
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