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Thread: Malware ??

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    Exclamation Malware ??

    My anti virus has been freaking out at the message board the last few days. I've been getting Malware / phishing alerts and all types of warnings. I had to click "trust this site" about 10 different times just to post this....

    Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, or if it's somehow a problem on my end??

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    Yep, there's an issue with the board. Being checked into with our host now, just don't send any personal info to the son of the deposed king of Nigeria and you'll be fine. Thanks for mentioning!
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    Same thing here, Firefox gives me warnings whenever I go to this site. Other than that, everything seems to be fine, no alerts from my free Avira Antivir.
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    User Info Menu work computer blocked this site and said the same thing. :/

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    Everyone gets the warning. As Alex said, effort is being made to resolve it with the host.

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    Thanks fellas. This only recently started happening to me. I had no issues before.
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    Thanks for the patience guys, everything should be repaired now, it'll take a while for Google to update and take us off the blacklist so that warning stops popping up. Please let us know if you continue having issues in the next few days.

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