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Thread: wooden bed finish

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    wooden bed finish

    Hi guys,
    Just wondering if anyone has any good insight on what product to use on an oak bed floor? There will be no stain. Just oak and clear.....?? Marine grade varnish? Varathane?
    My first truck build.

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    Never done a truck bed but done some wood working. Varathane or Spar marine grade varnish will definitely do the trick. I've also had luck with Polycrylic which is a water-based polyurethane, We use it at work when sealing painted benches and murals that will be outside in the midwest elements. It's water-based so the smell and dry time is minimal and it's held up well. I'd test out a few different options on some sample pieces of oak to see what finish you like the best. Good luck, post up some pics!
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    Back when I used to build trailers and utility beds we would use old motor oil, I always dug that look.

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    Depends on how you plan to use it and your desired finished look. The two options I know a little about:
    - Spar varnish (marine varnish) makes for a glossy, durable, show finish - definitely do a test to see if you like the color as some will add more yellow or red tones as they cure.
    - Linseed oil is great if you plan on using it as a truck - low gloss, impregnates the wood preventing rot and minor scuffing, darkens it a bit without any surface build-up.
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    this truck will be raffled off. looking for the lowest maintenance solution so the winner of said vehicle does not have to maintain to much. I am thinking the varnish sounds like the way to go

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    Marine grade spar urethane like mentioned would be a good choice. Even the inexpensive stuff from minwax will do the trick.
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