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Thread: rim & tire dilemma

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    rim & tire dilemma

    i should be excited because the baby bird (64 thunderbird) is going to get a new set of supreme rims and tires i just don't know what size to get. its not like i can try on several different combos.

    on my galaxie i had 15" supremes with 205/70/15 (i think) goodyear tires and because the gal was a monster i loved the way they looked. well the bird is significantly smaller and i'm not sure if i should go with 14's or 15's and a smaller tire. i don't want her to look like a 4x4 with a 15" combo or a midget with a 14" combo.

    any suggestions, comment, would have could haves?
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    A really good looking combo is the 14 x 7 reversed Supreme wheel with a 185/75/14 tire(Uniroyal Tiger Paw) with a skinny white. This tire also looks decent with a 14x6 if there is clearance issues and you cant beat the price through Pepboys.. Good luck! Put up some pics!

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    While the Tbird is a smaller car, the front wheel well opening is gigantic. I had 14's on my 62 and wasn't really into them.

    Look at pics of Donnie's wife(Jen) 64 Bird. I believe he had 15x7 supremes on that car at some point.
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    15x7's on my '62.
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    Here are 15" Fentons in the wheel wells of my old '62. I think the size worked pretty well.
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    Deb, you'll have no problems with a 15" wheel. Keep the tire no larger than a 205 or 215. I have a '63 with lowered spindles and there are those with tons of good experience here who can chime in about wheel and tire / suspension combinations. You've got room to party in those wheel wells and if low is your game there's a lot of new solutions that get you there and safely too.
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