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Thread: Arcade games

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    Arcade games

    Some of you guys might know I am selling my house, man am I going to miss this place and my Garage. As a concession to selling the pace and saving up for a while for our next big move I am looking to pick up a few things. One being a Arcade style game I'd like to pick up Capcom Dark Stalkers and either Street Fighter Alpha or the Marvel VS Capcom. Any one have any experience with buying old school arcades? Is there a business you'd recommend to work with to buy one?

    I appreciate your guys help.

    Looking for 65 galaxie back window/cragar starwires!

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    Phoenix has a convention for them. I remember reading the article about it and apparently they're popular on the west coast. People bring in arcade games that they want to sell/exhibit.

    Looks like you just missed one in California:
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