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Thread: More board weirdness

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    More board weirdness

    Hello- just wanted to post here that we're aware of the sporadic misdirect that seems to be more frequent for Mac users trying to visit this site and are working on resolving this issue.

    In the meantime, if you try to log into the board and are redirected to another strange looking page please use your best judgment and don't sign up for free online back up, collect your winnings from an online contest you didn't enter, sign up to test any special pill that doctors don't want you to know about, download more RAM, try to enlarge your genital, regrow your hair, grow muscle mass, gain a cup size, or see if the Whitehouse has recently passed a bill to reduce your mortgage payment through this site.


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    Yeah I got a weird fill out form page with topless girl. Didn't stick around to see what it was, clicked back asap. Btw I was on Android, requested desktop site, in case it would make a difference or help in any way.
    What happened to your flat-head?!
    Your flat-head?!!
    Aw, your mudder!

    Si te queda largo, cortale!
    Si te queda corto, soldale!
    ----heard from Omar's dad

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    Thanks for letting us know, we're working on resolving it. The main issue seems to be related to a search engine redirect, in the meantime please bookmark the board and link directly to it.

    If anyone else has this issue please let us know, thanks.

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    Geez nic all those things sound like good things!

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