Ok, a few updates, since it's been a hot minute since i last posted.... like 3 years.

Just as I was fit to get her up and running I discovered that the compression was way low.... turns out that the motor had bad rings, and needed a rebuild... (or a refresh at the least.) huge bummer, since it was a solid kick to the already tight budget.
So out the motor came and i put the car away until i could afford to do it.

In the meantime a quick side project to keep it moving though didn't think this was worth making a full separate thread about...)

Back Story:

When I was 15, I thought my dad’s 63 Chrysler 300 coupe was pretty f’in cool. Red with factory white guts - a big ol’ Mopar barge.
When I was in college, I asked my dad if I could buy it off of him it since my Dart was still under construction. At the time he had it stored up at a guy’s shop who had done some work for him, and since he had other irons in the fire, he said we could work something out and i could have the car. Between me being busy up at school, my father switching careers, and the fact that the guy fell outta touch, it took us a while to actually make it out to the shop. When we did finally go up to grab the car on one of my breaks from school, we found that the dude had quite suddenly closed up shop, liquidated everything, car included, and skipped town. The car vanished. My old man had to write it off to bad business and I was severely bummed that I never got to cruise it.

Last month, I found myself hunting craigslist for deals as i often do. (I always look in NJ since that’s where my parents still live, and when I find anything interesting, I shoot the ad to my father and we gossip about how cool, or crappy the deals are.) Up comes an ad for a “1962 Chrysler coupe”, which I open to find a oddly familiar red 63 300.

Upon some calls to a somewhat shady seller under the guise of a prospective buyer, I learn it’s got a white interior, but doesn’t have a title….Holy crap!

A few days later my father was over at the cars location, title in hand. (yes we've had it in a drawer for all this time). After some hemming and hawing and dancing around the issue, it came out that this dude was actually the one to by it off of the AWOL body man almost 20 years ago, and since had sold it and gotten it back. (Those of you on the east coast know what a pain in the butt it is to title something that you don't have paperwork for.) According to my dad, the guy was not very happy with the presence of the law and once it was a pretty well established fact that he was sitting on a stolen car, he had no choice but to hand it over.

A few days later, a car I hadn't technically seen since leaving home in 2000 showed up on my doorstep. a bit crusty and rougher around the edges than it was 2 decades ago, but all there.