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Thread: 1962 Bonneville from Aus.

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    HOK lime gold maybe?
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    paint shenanigans!

    So yesterday I got a call from my mate who is going to be schooling me in bodywork for the repaint, I've been moved up the ladder, I was originally sending it for blasting in mid October, but now it goes in this month!! f*cking stoked!!!!

    Anyway before I knew this awesome news, we did some paint samples on Monday as it was a bank holiday (working for a company owned by a bank isn't all bad, haha), I'm just doing some little experiments with the body colour with pearls, we won't talk about the pearls because they weren't very successful, although neither was the flake, but I have a picture of it.

    Disclaimer- I love flake. I love it a lot. This is too much for what I want on the body. I went a bit gung-ho when adding flake to clear, I think i put about 3 cap fulls in 100mm of clear. When i did the first panels it just poured out, it looks awesome, but not the effect I was aiming for. The next test sections i'll put in about half a cap instead of 3 full ones, hahaha. then the big section at the back i just went nuts on to see how hard it'd be to get a really good full coverage and eliminate gaps in the flake. It looks bloody awesome, and would be suitable for the roof, but not the body.

    It's just a straight blue flake over my teal/turquoise base. I have 3 other different flakes to experiment with, a different blue, a green and some sort of crazy looking translucent blue base flake that throws off blue, green and gold.

    More pics to come, but here's one for now:

    For those who can spot it, yes there is a crease in the bootlid in the back corner section. it's an old bootlid that was otherwise going to be thrown out.

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    1962 Bonneville from aus, now with added photos

    Good morning gents!
    So my previous excitement was a bit pre-emptive. life and being a new dad takes priority.
    Anyway, the trim has been stripped off ready for the body to get blasted, and fix a couple of rust spots, and peak the front guards so the bodyline flows all the way to the front:

    Holy crap it looks shorter (to my eyes at least) without the side trim on:

    As you can see there is some tape on the roof, just as initial layout practice. Lucky I did, because the awesome lace I bought for it:

    is about 2" short each side of being the perfect length for two north-south outer roof panels. I'm going to re-measure and do more taping on sunday while my little girl is asleep to see if i can still do 3x north-south panels like i wanted, or if I have to redesign the roof, like this:

    Now, onto colour. I've finally settled on a colour for the body. It's a teal/turquoise that has a lot of green-blue shift depending on the light, and a lot of pearl in it.

    This is the colour in low/indirect light, it looks like a very green dominant teal in person:

    This is what it does in bright, direct sunlight, it's very blue and you can see a lot of pearl:

    And this is what it does in morning/evening yellow light, goes a crazy green colour:

    Those pics are crap, and don't really show the whole colour shift, but i'm not a photographer, and i'm happy with it so bugger it. I am going to swap the blue xyrallic pearl in the mix out and replace it with a gold pearl tho, I think there's too much blue in there.

    So all I have to do left now in terms of colour is find another lace for the middle section of the roof, decide if i want fans or fish scales in those two rear sections if I can't have my original idea, and order bulk flake for the roof.

    Question, have you guys used sparklefx before? Is his product good?

    And lastly, I'm waiting on a reply from a guy called hooten tyre co about a set of 205/70/15 double pinner whites, same as Jay had on his awesome white chevy:

    Has anyone aside from Jay used him before? Being on the other side of the world I'd just like to know if he's good to deal with before I go buying anything and sticking it into my mate's container that's coming over shortly.

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    I really like the flake from that guy. I have about 5 different sizes and colors that I use and it looks very good. I use mostly the .008 flake but i have used his .015 and its really good just have to have the right paint gun and tip to use it.
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    Ahoy guys,
    So, more things have happened. Finally got a day off to take the car down to my mate's shop so work can start.
    We had a bit of a tap around to see where the bog is before it goes to get blasted.
    The right side of the car is fairly good, and the front is almost entirely bog free, the sills look good, as does the roof.
    The rear left guard has about 15mm bog in it tho, due to a previous owner being a mechanic, not a body guy. So far, it's not as bad as I was expecting. However it's yet to get blasted so there's still plenty of time for Murphy to screw up my life hahaha.
    I know the old owner, he's warned me the shave job on the doors isn't pretty, so we'll see how we go. Fingers crossed...
    Anyway, some pics:
    So that corner of the rear door has anyways bugged me. Not being a body guy I'd always thought that some jerk had bent the door because the trailing edge of the door always sat inwards about 10-15mm from the metal in front of the rear wheel. Yeeeeeeeeah, turns out no, just a bunch of bog...

    Once we chipped the bog off, the door lined up almost perfectly:

    Hey, that's promising right...?
    And this is the rear quarter:

    So there is an old repair, it was done maybe 10-12 years ago so it's lasted quite well for a backyard job by a mechanic. They bogged right over the old paint, haha. And used two different bogs as you can see by the layers. But hey, i'd rather see this than a giant rust hole, this we can work with quite easily.

    Aside from that, some H.O.K pearls are on their way over for the body, and 3 kinds of flake coming from detonator on layitlow for the roof. 2 sizes of chrome and a tub of rainbow. Bought the h.o.k from the states and had a mate ship them over, because I paid:
    $30, $53 and $84 USD, compared to $108, $265 and $480 AUD over here. F*ck house of kolour australia's retarded markups, our exchange rate isn't that bad.

    So, we'll see how we go, and i'll keep you guys updated.

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    Update time, we got it blasted, result:
    Left quarter is cactus, boot rubber channel is also rooted, beaver panel is more not there, than there. Holes under the drip rails, holes in the normal spots at the bottom of the rear windscreen. all 4 doors had rust in the usual spot, but look like they were cut out with an oxy torch, including the inner skin, and just had a bit of offcut tacked in from behind and bogged over, left rear door bows out an inch, odd dents on bonnet corresponding to the gaps where the bonnet frame underneath has empty space.
    The left quarter is a piece of work. It's had a hit at some point, instead of fixing it properly dodgy brothers got a hold of it, the leading edge in front of the wheel has an inch thick lead used as a filler, along with various spots of lead wiping (not smoothed off tho, just bogged over), braising, and a piece of offcut above the wheel arch that's been pop riveted in, and then beat into the shape of the guard, straight over rust...

    Sooooo yeah, it's going to be off the road a bit longer than we originally expected...

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    So it's been just over 2 years. Bit of a gap...
    Anyways, for anyone who still uses forums, a bunch of stuff has been done:

    So the following has happened:
    # Entire left quarter from the door back thrown in the bin and replaced.
    # C pillar joint cut off and thrown in the bin because it turns out the guard was off a lower spec Star Cheif that had poor people pillars.
    # Rear panel (and basically whole rear 10" of the car) cut off and thrown in the bin, because #fucked. Then replaced with not rusty betterness.
    # Passenger side cardboard sill replaced with one made from metal!
    # 4 Doors thrown in the bin. Fuck bent doors. Replaced with better ones that only needed a tiny bit of work.
    # Last 3 inches around the driver side tailight- in the bin.
    # All trim has been shaved except for the drip rail and a section that forms a loop between the tail lights on the boot lip. This time it's been shaved properly tho, not just plugged with silicon and painted over like the last idiot did.
    # Wheel arches have been rolled out a bit so I can drive aired out when I get the new wheels and tyres.
    # Doors have been shaped, gapped and cut in. As of last week so has the boot lid.
    # Fuel door was shaved last week and filler relocated into the boot. It was going to be up the top of the boot behind the windscreen, but it wouldn't fit because of inconveniently located boot hinges. So it's going down in the front corner next to the tail light.
    # From the A pillars back should be metal worked and ready to prime and start blocking by the end of the week, then the work on the front end can start.

    The front end isn't as bad as the back thankfully. We're extending the peak along the top of the guards to go all the way to the leading edge, instead of being recessed part way down for the chrome over rider.

    I will attempt to post photos in another post. It's so far on track to be painted on time for a show in November. Fingers crossed...

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    Finish your car, jerk.
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