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Thread: new members/registering

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    new members/registering

    trying to get a friend to register says he cant. any ideas why? was a breeze for a smart cunt like me. but I registered year or so ago.

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    Maybe he screwed up once too often and got banned... If hes got the same computer talent like me, he might have made this experiece...

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    Nope. Hes never been on here befo. Just a heads up. Could be alot of halfwits wanna join and carnt.

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    see this thread :


    Says this :
    " Finally, we are doing security updates as well. I inbox has been blowing up with spammers registering on the board. If you are new to the board, and trying to sign on, and keep getting denied, message me, and I will get you through. Other then that, it's a blanket delete. Also, there is no way to do mass banning, so I would have to each one individually, and I don't have that kinda time. "
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    ^^^so that is why I am still here.
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    I just saw this thread. Yes, if someone is trying to sign on, they HAVE to message me, or it isn't going to happen. I will set you up. I need to know what your board name will be, and I can do the rest.

    Email me at:

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