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Thread: Test

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    Hell Yeah!
    A million thanks

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    Just call me Taboo. Collar popped, fuck off........

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    Roger !

    ( rešu 5 sur 5 )

    Thanks guys. feels good again.
    5 on 5

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    I'm still having trouble viewing some threads. In certain instances where a new page begins, I'm unable to view the new page even though it seems like others are posting there.

    An example is "The Arizona Reality Thread/Mooneyes Xmas Show". It appears that there are 17 pages but I can't see anything past 16.
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    I cant open the Mooneyes threads in events section or members section or AZ's Mooneyes update.

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    George and Harry,
    Eryk does know about this and is working on it but like all of us our jobs and everyday life keep us way too busy. I feel for him!
    Anyway, this is what I stumbled upon while tinkering. I love to tinker with anything. LOL The following worked for me so you can try it.

    If you click on settings at the top of the main page, then scroll and find My Settings click on that, then scroll down to Thread Display Mode.
    You will notice it has 4 options. Linear- oldest first is the normal or default viewer that we are all used to. But now select Linear- newest first.

    After you do this you have to scroll down and click - save changes. This does not change permanantly, you can always go back and change it. This only changes how you view the thread not how everyone sees it.
    Now you should see the newest postings first and all the fun.

    Also when things are back to normal just change the settings back to normal.
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