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Thread: Goofy Shit Happenin On The Board *UPDATED*

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    Goofy Shit Happenin On The Board *UPDATED*

    I realized I copied and pasted the wrong post, so here is the right one!

    Hello fellow enthusiasts! As you may have or not have noticed, there are some goofy things happening with the board. Posts not updating, weird tool bars popping up at the bottom of the screen and so forth. I am writing to let you know that Eryk and I are aware of these events, and we are dillegently working to correct these problems. The problem is, it's going to take a bit of time.

    Also, while this fixes will be happening, your going to notice that our board "template" will be in a bit of disarray. By "template", I mean, the color of the board, buttons, titles, all that stuff. This is something we already know is going to happen. This is because our template was designed for an earlier version of Vbullitin. So when we upgrade, there will be a bit of a mess. We are HOPING that won't happen, but it most likely will. As we install the updates, you will notice some of this occuring. We appreciate your patience through this.

    Finally, we are doing security updates as well. I inbox has been blowing up with spammers registering on the board. If you are new to the board, and trying to sign on, and keep getting denied, message me, and I will get you through. Other then that, it's a blanket delete. Also, there is no way to do mass banning, so I would have to each one individually, and I don't have that kinda time.

    Here is my deleted folder..

    As these changes are happening, we will most likely catch them on our own, but if you DO see something out of the ordinary, please do not PM us, or text us. We have a forum called "Board Feedback". Please take the time to go in there and post up a new thread expaining the problem. But before you do that, take the time to see if anyone else has posted up the same concern as you.

    On behalf of Eryk, I would like to thank everyone in advance for your patiance and understanding through these upgrades. Remember, we are doing this for you, our friends, so you guys have a great time on our board.

    Thanks again,
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    Thanks Tyson and Eryk for all your efforts
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