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Thread: Error/warning/malware message when visiting the board?

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    Boulevard Bomber

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    Yea i got it also. And i noticed I can't search on the forum I have to use Google and then get the malware deal.

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    Harvey's Front Row

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    ^ Thats weird. Search works for me just fine.

    Just a FYI for everyone...the particular injected code I found is a common template exploit that basically installs a link to malware in the footer of our site. But it doesnt redirect, download, or install anything on your computer when you visit our site. Its a known listed malware, so google security and other software detects it as harmful and warns you. Having said do proceed at your own risk. I'm working to get these exploits blocked but I dont know the ins and outs of every piece of malware. I'm learning this shit as I go along.

    A tip that I recommend to EVERYONE when their experiencing login problems, search problems, database problems, to CLEAR ALL YOUR BROWSING DATA. Clear cookies, empty cache, delete temp internet files, even change your passwords. Do these things OFTEN! Cant stress that enough.
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    and stop hitting porn sites.

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