If the car, wheels, tires, etc are NOT YOURS please DO NOT bother posting the ad here. The "heads up" posts have overstayed their welcome. This is a relatively small community and our particular niche of automotive interest is even smaller. We're all on the interent. We all do ebay and craigslist searches. If some vintage wheels or caps or a cool custom pops up on ebay or craigslist, there's a pretty damn good chance at least half the people here have seen it or are already interested in it. Posting it here for everyone is pointless and sometimes it actually results in one of us not getting it by widening the prospective buyer pool. If you know someone actually looking for a specific item, PM them the link of the super cool item you discovered. Simple as that. Otherwise please use this forum to list items that are only yours to sell. Keep ebay and craigslist on ebay and craigslist. Thanks.