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Thread: alternator wiring diagram ford external regulator

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    alternator wiring diagram ford external regulator

    anyone got a quickie wiring diagram to convert a generator car over to alternator using a ford alternator with an external voltage regulator? i wanna avoid a gm 1 wire if possible, thats my all else fails at this point
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    It should be pretty straight forward, but just to clarify you're swapping the generator for an externally regulated alternator yes? The regulator your using, does it have 3 or 4 terminals? [Typically, it'll either be denoted as "A-F-B" (3 TERMINAL) or "I-A+-S-F" (4 TERMINAL)] Also, will you be utilizing a junction block?
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    if its a stock Ford Motorcraft G 1 alternator , it should have 4 connectors,
    you can use all the existing stock wires , but you have to get a later model regulator (set up for alternator) just swap the wires where they belong and your all set.
    May have to fab a bracket or spacers and stuff as the alternator is smaller then the old generator.

    is it a FE motor ? the G 1 alternator squares up nicely in the lower mount position.

    oh, I just realized "63falcon"
    never mind the FE ... but check this out

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