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Thread: Is it possible to change a username?

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    Is it possible to change a username?

    I've got an identity complex...
    There's no I in barbeque team.

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    came into some money and no longer flat broke? that would be a good thing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flatbroke View Post
    I've got an identity complex...
    I too would like to go back to my birth name , " Solo Cholo " Por Vida !!

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    I wouldn't mind changing mine as well, for posterity's sake...

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    Although not encouraged, lbcc CLUB members can have theirs changed if they want. But the rest of you will have to live with yours. I will make an exception for things like if you accidently chose the same name or very similar name to an existing board member. But i cant go around changing peoples names every time they sell their car or adopt a new lucky number.
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    Use your fucking real names!! haha

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    ^^^ Hell yeah man good thing you didn't use your car name you woulda changed it about 500 times by now, Hahaha!!


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    I'll probably be keeping mine for a while, nobody else wants it
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