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Thread: Air ride kit/ struts

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    You know what man I dont know anything about them or what they go for make me an offer. I dont need them lol
    Quote Originally Posted by bonez View Post
    how much you want 4 the cans? I have a VW that could use'em.

    Oh, Ramblux, you said theyre still on the car, but is tne car still with you? If so i wouldnt mind a better look at it.

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    Sounds like you got a deal!

    Hmm, that larger pic of the cans now leads me to believe that they were purchased from MIC. Either way they were pretty much the same except for the brackets (EAI used aluminum forks for the rear). That fork you posted a pic of bolts on to the front suspension over the axles and to those aluminum brackets on the fatter cylinders. There should be a second one, but if not no worries since it's the stock Honda piece that the new owner should have anyway.

    Bonez, no, I sold the car to a friend around 2005, who sold it to one of his friends. Here are the only other pics I could find from after we sold it:

    We loved the car, but it got stolen from my wife's work. We got it back missing the valves and air tank, but she didn't want to drive it anymore after that so we sold it.

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    Awesome deal then. You even got the water seperator which is a $100+ piece too.

    Those cylinders sell on CL for $30-50 for 2 typically. It looks likr the brackets on the top of the cylinders are damaged alittle so I would think the $30 for 2 is the better price IMHO.

    Good deal for you even with the $100 additional. You are probably going to need a few new fittings but you can get those at a home improvement store for about $5 each. The air line will need to be new and that runs about $0.70-1.00 per foot and then the brackets and bags.

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    I think what you're seeing on top is big ol' pieces of rubber made into bushings. I've seen that done a few times.

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    b4 i buy sumthing i cant would i go installing those on a balljoint beam?
    Ive seen cans installed in the shocks location but these are fat.

    Ramblux man, i had those pics saved on my ''minicars'' folders.
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