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Thread: Wats up guys?

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    ^^ Ahh the memories.

    That was one of the first packages I sent out.
    Tradition didn't end in 1964

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    Cool think to do. So, is it a members only thing ?

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    I had to come in and edit. I felt I was too vulgar. [ >_>]

    I still want crap on me...

    Wait. Is that... ?


    *wipes shoe* [>_<]

    Careful what you wish for.
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    What happened to your flat-head?!
    Your flat-head?!!
    Aw, your mudder!

    Si te queda largo, cortale!
    Si te queda corto, soldale!
    ----heard from Omar's dad

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    Ahhhh yes. Random crap, The Canadians, Blow up dolls, Flynstone's fish. No prospects and no drama. Times were simpler then.

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