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Thread: The passing of Walt Prey

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    Casual Cruiser

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    That truck slays.

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    Walt Speaks

    Walt Prey tells a few stories as he applies some leaf. Recorded by his good friend and protege Manuel Cervantes.

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    Walt's Missing '40 Ford

    Walt owned this '40 Ford coupe (note "Walt's Art Studio" lettered on door). Manuel Cervantes says that because of a lack of space Walt stored it at a friends place and at some point it disappeared. Walt's son is trying to determine the cars present location and any information would be appreciated.

    walts coupe.jpg

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    Harvey's Front Row

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    He's pulling lines on skylines now..RIP.
    Pendleton Mafia!!

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    Walts Nomad

    Walt's Nomad at LARS, I heard his son has it now.....
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