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Thread: Golden Sunrise cruising.

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    Boulevard Bomber

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    Harvey's Front Row

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    Thanks for sharing steamboat ! Besides that chrysler, we can see alice rolling again! All good!

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    Harvey's Front Row

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    Thats fuckin awesome Steamy! Great vid, super clear. Thanks a bunch for uploading that homie!

    Nice to see that car out and about. And its even nicer to see Alice rollin along side of it!
    "Your car is so low, Bill Hines has to duck to get in." - Trent Sherrill

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    ♠ LBCC East ♠

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    Great stuff. I kept going back to :44 when he raised it up to listen. I also like the part at about 1:55 where he called the Cops to report that you were stalking him

    Thanks for the video, John.

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    ♠ LBCC Arizona ♠

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    GOod to see alice out and about homie, I know you were stoked to be cruisin next to golden sunrise I got that in yo text.
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    Awesome John! Thanks for sharing!
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    Man that's cool. What's the background on that car? Gorgeous custom...

    Alice lives!
    There's no I in barbeque team.

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    Boulevard Bomber

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    Cool video!
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    Harvey's Front Row

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    I didn't know that car lived in Ypsi???

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    Boulevard Bomber

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    Thanks John! Alice gets up alright!
    Even a F@#ked up plan is better than no plan at all!

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