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Thread: Pescos in the Bird'

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    Yummy! Too cool...

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    I saw it on the **** classified. That's a bad ass bird! I wish I had the money.

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    That thing is badass!!! Good luck on the sale!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonez View Post
    ive only seen a business card of Don Loster's advertising his juice installs, but never seen a car hes done, but all things considered this car could have come out of his garage back then, w/ the freshly installed pescos bought out of a military surplus store for pennies.
    Someone into this kinda stuff w/ enuff $$$ should really appreciate the restraint and attention to detail of your car.

    Whats the story on the small tanks anyway? Are they oxigen tanks like the more commonly seen larger yellow ones, or?
    Sorry just saw the question in this post, yeah they are oxygen tanks, they are something that Ted came acrossed, I have pics from befor they were painted and modified and they were labeled as oxygen tanks......Thats about all I know about them....I talk to him every so often about some unfinished business, I will try to remember to ask next time...

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    thanx! no knowledge is too much knowledge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtybirdpunk View Post
    I had a strong potential buyer in Sweden but that kind of dried up when a certain Flaked Cutlass showed up on ebay....(probably just a strange coincidence). I bet shiny paint would really help alot, but I just cant afford to do that for the next few years. So I will keep bumping it and hope someone will find interest in it some day....
    haha damn man that's crazy.. i have tons of interest, but no feria lol

    love your bird.

    La Onda don't shine shoes.

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