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Thread: Your rides Name

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    "El Poncho Relaxo"

    This one is "Rowdy". Just Rowdy
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    My 1960 Pontiac still is named "Tiger-A-Go-Go" - the name comes from an old song from the 60s which is called "Tiger-A-Go-Go". In the text they guys drive with a "389" over the Golden Gate Bridge to the "Tiger-A-Go-Go" which was one of the first GoGo Clubs in the US So, the "389" is a Pontiac 389cui engine...and my 60 has one. So I named it after this song *

    For my 64 project I have a already a name, too...even if it is at the ver beginning: "Vanilla Honey"...because it should be colored in candy gold and some sort of vanilla pearl Letīs see...
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