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Thread: +++ Whats up Boulevardos +++

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    Boulevard Bomber

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    Casual Cruiser

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    ♠ LBCC High Desert ♠

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    Welcome. Bitchin lil Ford!

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    ♠ LBCC High Desert ♠

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    Nice 'Lane, man! BTW and FWIW the last girl that showed up here didn;t last long, but that was only because she was rollin' a SUV with 20's and had a picture of it tatooed on her back. Other than that I would LOVE to see more chicks on this board ...

    Come on, girls, let;s see what u got !!!!

    Edit: Welcome to the board, forgot to say ...
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    1969 Mercury Montego MX -- ¡Cállate la boca!
    Roach Motel II -- 1968 Fairlane 500 Wagon

    "Two on the street is worth more than 20 on the board." -- 64sled

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    Harvey's Front Row

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    "The world can be a crappy and negative place sometimes, so it goes a long way when something as simple and irrelevant as a car can bring a huge smile to someone's face." - Rasputin

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    ♠ LBCC So Cal ♠

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    Welcome DUDE

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