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Thread: whats your story?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Il Gimmi View Post
    I'm pretty hyped at how many people grew up skating on here. It's weird cause that shit totally shapes you as a human being and I've always found it weird that I generally click instantly with dudes who grew up skating. Well provided they're not kooks, lol. But that's also how the car world is. Everyone I've meet on here or threw the board I've gelled with pretty much instantly.

    We're gonna have to start having LBCC MB Skate get togethers, haha. Those of you that don't skate time to start. Tony and Gooz are the first ones I wanna see rolling in on a 10 foot bowl, lol.

    Again really cool to read about everyone.

    like 3 years ago its the only pic on my computer of me skating
    Live fast die young too late

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nic View Post
    Dude, you were in Resilience? I saw them a couple times, I've got a CD somewhere (the one with the star on it, I lost the case long ago!) Small world.
    Haha, yeah I played in the band from like 2002-2004. The one with the star on it was the first album. Used to play all those songs too, but I was on the 2nd album. Ahh, fun times... Haha, was totally awesome playing with some BIG bands that I totally dug growing up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boldofman View Post
    That. I want to live your life from start to end. Skateboarding, skingirl as a wife, daughter, who's into cars, car's realted job. I want to live it.

    thanx but my life is pretty lame if it wasn't for my wife and kids. hey i guess i am lucky. i want to live my life too. haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by piewagon60 View Post
    As long as theres no snatchers around I'd like to roll back out there and see some of the other shit long beach gots to offer and I'll take you up on the offer of the stories and drinks of course.
    it wouldn't be any fun if Snatchers weren't involved. i'll make time to crack open a beer with you. just make sure to leave the president of the snatchers behind. hahaha screw it he can come too.
    it's like a needle in my arm, when the record spins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob_o View Post
    I fall off of skateboards. Much to the amusement of the many skater friends I've had over the years. I've got alot of respect for the punishment you guys put yourselves through, and for the amazing things you can make happen with that deck beneath your feet.

    I have been daydreamin about a sweet long board though...

    i have chipped front tooth from skateboarding. i was ollieing a big gap. i liked to skate fast. so i had a lot of speed but not enough height. the back truck hit the edge as i was about to land and i went flying fwd. i didn't have time to put my hands down. i kissed the concrete, got up and spit half my tooth out. my lips and face were swollen for a week.

    friends used to joke around and call me MC Chip.
    it's like a needle in my arm, when the record spins.

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    Hahaha, I gotta video of nutting myself on a rail then disappearing into bushes... Suprised i was able to make kids honestly....... Gotta get the vid I have onto dvd to upload onto the computer... HAHAHA Been watching it alot. Actually pretty stoked on it.
    Just call me Taboo. Collar popped, fuck off........

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    I just read all the posts start to finish, its something that takes a long time and i still didt have the chance.
    Stoney Resilence, honestly i know it was a kool band at the times i was into that but never listened to you guys.
    As far as skateboarders in here being totally honest i never was one of the top kids, sure i could do my ollies grinds and slides but never managed to flip or do very entertaining tricks.
    Its been 14 years since ive skated the last time (18 yars old) i tried couple of years back but it was really depressing. I wanna get a board thou and start again, if nothin just to go from A to B
    Edog dude Jeff Soto is one of my favorite artists out there, too kool you had him paint your house!
    I think judgin by all the tales we would split into two groups if we all had the chance to meet, the former or not so former trouble makers and the more focused guys, but overall i think we would do just fine.
    oh Eryk man, i had a pair 1200s too, but was playin' what you guys over there call Detroit tek, only faster!
    I have a bunch of friends into electro ebm and noise, even industrial hardcore tekno but i never liked any.
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    Anyone who knows anything about trucks knows Scanias are the best trucks in the world....

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    Well gents, I've been reading these for a while now - and just had a shift in my life a few minutes ago so this might be a good way for me to take a step back and put things into perspective.

    Raised in Charleston, South Carolina by two parents that have been together nearly 50 years and still kiss. Two big brothers that both went to college and set good examples for me and kicked my ass when I was being a brat. Always was a B student, but very active in extracurricular things like music, sailing, surfing, writing, cars, boats, fishing, video & computers. Summer jobs ranged from teaching sailing, working in pawn shop to web design. At 15 I took a trip to Poland and spent a week touring concentration camps, then a week in Israel celebrating Israeli independence day. These types of experiences shaped my identity.

    When I was 16 a teacher at my school won SC teacher of the year and received a grant to build us a state of the art Macintosh lab. We started out making Hypercard stacks which were like a primitive form of PowerPoint. I took a bunch of bitmap b/w images of cars and animated them to hop and dance to a looped beat I made from Cypress Hill's Tres Equis. After that all the rappers in my school came to me to make them beats.

    I also took a bunch of Apartheid images from National Geographic and made my own timed video to go with "The Obvious Child" that everyone flipped out about - so I wound up being the kid that went around town with our teacher and would show those two hypercard stacks. Little did I know I was starting on the path to owning my own business.

    When I was 7 or 8 my dad took my brothers out one Saturday morning (without telling my mom) and brought home a '51 Mercury Sport Sedan. Black & ratty as hell but complete. My brothers drove the car to school, worked on it, went to proms in it and took decent care of it. They went to college and the car went to the paint shop, where my dad chose to have it painted Porsche Mars Red (ugh). A year or so later, I was 13 and a young Ashley Scott came by my house and when she was leaving noticed the Merc and FLIPPED OUT OVER IT. That night I immediately started working on it and dreamed for the next two years about someday getting to drive it. Every penny I made went into that car, summer jobs, after school jobs, birthday presents etc... and I drove it, worked on it, juiced it, shared it and had great experiences with that car. Sold it when I went to college and damn I miss it.

    I was going to head to University of Massachusetts for college but one day my dad picked me up from an event and said, "We have a problem." "Ok, what's up dad?" "You've been accepted to Boston University and they are giving you a grant to help pay for it." Well shit! Can't pass up an opportunity like that! I went for it, did my time in Boston and just like in high school, learned and excelled working in the multimedia computer labs. I worked internships and built cd-roms for National Geographic, worked 3 jobs and saved some dough so after college I packed up my stuff and moved out to Hawaii. Spent a summer there teaching sailing to kids on Kaneohe Bay, bought my first motorcycle, did stuff ya do at 21 y/o and grew up a little. At the end of it I knew I loved paradise, and was motivated to work hard to get there later in life.

    So I planned to stay in Hawaii for a couple years, but my brother knocked up his fiance and I had to come home for the wedding. I couldn't afford to make it back to Hawaii after the wedding, so I decided to get to work. I landed a killer job building interactive ads. The company (a subsidiary of the former had about 60 employees and I was the youngest one. Then 2001 happened and I found myself one of the last 5 employees of the company. Promotion by attrition. I was able to do the work of upper management at an entry level salary, so they kept me on.

    I was living in Atlanta, but visiting Charleston and bumped into a friend I hadn't seen since high school at a bar. Just bullshitting, told him I was loving my job, but pretty sure I wouldn't have it in a month. He said - "Well, my sister does HR for a company that does graphics for lawyers. Maybe she can hook you up?" I followed up on it and landed a pretty interesting gig as an on-site multimedia consultant for trial lawyers. I spent two years on the road, had no home to call my own. I'd fly into a town, scan documents & photos, build graphics & animations, edit videos and set up presentation systems in courtrooms. Run the system for the whole trial then break it down and go on to the next one. It was great work, paid well, but it burned me out. I missed home, missed my family, couldn't maintain a relationship and a lot of days didn't want to get out of bed in the morning.

    So I said fuck it. I took the money I'd saved, sold a couple cars I had and struck out on my own doing the same kind of work. That was 7 1/2 years ago and now my business is up to 5 people. Remember those hypercard stacks I mentioned from high school - its like I make those still, but really big really expensive ones! I've got a nice little house near where I grow up, my office is in my grandfather's former law office, I get to see my dad nearly every day and I'm surrounded by great friends and people I learn and grow with.

    In college I had a radio show called Southern Fried Funk, and as promotions director of the college station I inherited a 30 year old set of Technics 1200s when the station upgraded to new gear. I've been DJing since 95 and truly enjoy it. I've taken my passion for music and blended it with computers. I take the projectors we usually use in courtrooms and beam them on whatever stands still. Last night I got to run projections for a concert here in Charleston - Big Boi from OutKast & MSTRKRFT. Actually got to project onto a World War II aircraft carrier. I've opened for Black Sheep, played out for some big crowds, played with lots of funk bands and developed a niche for being one of the few DJs in Charleston that brings video to the show. I still do my podcast and plan to start dropping more mixes this winter, maybe even team up with some friends that have a good crew going.

    Oh yeah, and I have a lowrider.

    So life is grand right? Pretty good I guess. Except an hour or two ago I just broke it off with my girl, been the longest relationship I've ever had. Pretty bummed right now, but I know it was the right thing to do. A lot of you guys have a woman in your life that is "the greatest thing that's ever happened to you" and I'm looking for that. I just can't settle for less. Damn. I'll be alright in time, I hope she will too.

    Left out a buncha details, but that's pretty much my story. I feel truly blessed in my life. I'm just looking for that one more thing to make it complete and start a family. Thanks for giving me a place to put some things into perspective.
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    Hey whats up bro.. You have got a crazy successful and Awesome story man. The DJ stuff is awesome!

    I am seriously surprised to hear that you and your girl broke it off. Keep your chin up and in your down time focus on the thing that you are most passionate about, it will get you through..
    Like you said in your post- you own a LOWRIDER, so you already have the important stuff figured out!!
    Take care man
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    way cool thread...been reading all the posts for new to the board and pretty quiet overall but here goes....i grew up in rapid city south dakota...been on a skateboard since i was 8 or the 8th grade i had a friend who had moved up from me into lowriders and gangster shit...the first lowrider i remember seeing was a white 78 monte carlo.....moved down to tucson when i was 15 and started writin graffiti and takin auto shop and workin on classics..kickin back with the cholos and their dad bought me a 48 gmc when i was 17...worked at a dealership as a detailer and ended up in tech school for body and paint....worked in a dealership collision shop for a year and a half....hated it...had a 56 buick mild custom and a 73 deville lolo..straight mobbin down speedway to south sixth....enlisted in the navy 2 weeks after 9/11....seemed like the right thing to do at the time.....went to chicago for training as a hull maintenance technician....(plumbing, welding, you name it)....loved chicago...bad ass city! went overseas to italy for 4 years on a submarine repair ship..deployed to west africa and all over the eastern med....took orders to san diego for advanced weld school...worked at 32nd st. for 2 and a half years in the shipfitter shop...had a 55 plymouth mild custom and a 64 ford pu bagged and as far i could in the navy on hard work alone....bein political aint me....
    got out jan of 08 and came up to wyoming for my lady and started work at a construction supply boss owned a bike shop as well so i ended up doin metal/fab work and paint for some of his customers...picked up pinstripin again...started lookin for a better job once my wife got pregnant and got hired on at one of the biggest oil/gas service companies in the i work as a wireline operator in the oil/gas fields of sw wyoming...basically i drive a kenworth out to the well site, rig up all our tools, lower all the tools into the well and back out, rig down and on to the next rig....2 weeks on 1 off doesnt leave much free time for standard week is 90 plus family and cars are my way out.....lbcc is that perfect blend of custom and lowrider...the style cant be beat.....low and slow for life.....i represent hard up in wyo with the all greenspans wardrobe...just tryin to stay true....
    Get down James Brown..

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    My story is...I was born & raised in San Diego(east county), spent my teen years in the 80's skating, back when Powell Perelta and Rat Bones were the shit! This minitruckin thing took off in the late 80's and I was hooked. Spent 10 years doing that and playing beach volleyball(i'm 6'5"). Built a cover and feature truck with in that time. Ditched the minitruckin gig in 99, but played ball till 06. Life happend, got married, had a kid and moved to Colorado in 06. My father in law has a 32 Ford so I pretty much started going to car shows again with him, got hooked again, then picked up my New Yorker in early 2007. It's been all good since then! I'm also into heavy metal and old school rap. Winters suck out here though, the car scene just stops, but when Spring rolls around, it's on!

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    MY GRAMMER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    born dec. 8 1975 to a 16 year old mother with a one year old daughter. my "dad" was 17 he tried to give my mom an abortian by kicking her in the stomach. i have never met him but please let me. my grandparents basically raised witch i am grate full more than i can say. my gpa was one of the first in cali to be cert'd to work on vets when they came out. he worked with the barris brothers before they moved to l.a.. he has always been my hero. i feel you can learn a lot from the older gen. and people forget that. my uncle david who was my second hero in life was killed when i was 14. he was a police officer and he basically killed himself d.u.i.. i was told many years later.

    when i was in high school i tried skating it never was my deal. i went to an r.o.p. program for the sheriff acadamy to be a sac county sheriff. it was the only class i ever did good at. two months later i was kicked out of school. i said fuck it and had three jobs none were fun. it may sound stupid (but i think you guys will get it) then i found snow boarding. i fell in love. three day a week thats what i did. it littarely changed my life. it was my zin.

    i became an insurance agent for a couple of years and found it too be a soul sucking job. then i bacame an adjuster. i actually enjoyed it. and i was good at it. the problem was that i just never was relaxed around the office people. i was offered a job as a field rep for an indepent company. that should have been it. i fucked it up.

    4-15-02 i was a raging drunk working as a bouncer at a bar. my wife walked in i played her pool for her number. she one! i still carry it in my wallet. when have been together pretty much since that day. we have two sons seth david caldwel,dean robert that time we have started our family she has went through more than any body should have to. we lost her mom and brother(last year) who was my age. and now we are having a real problem connecting.the real problem is that we both bottle our feeling's untill we both say stupid shit we can't take back.

    if you read this and get it. go kiss your family..
    b.t.w. i am **** member number like 96 and this is the longest most personal post i have ever written.

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    Good job Glendale, it's best to get it all out one way or another. I've never met a women that bottles up her feeelings. They usually open their mouths too much! Maybe you just need to listen to her for a bit. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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    I'm a fucking riot.

    La Onda don't shine shoes.

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    Funny. I thought E*dog painted for a living too. I guess it is a fact of life that we all cant just slow down for a second and say hi, I am Dan. I am into 60s customs, hot rods, ect,ect. Ive been working for the same company since 1992. I am the National Accounts Manager for the Budweiser distributor on the central coast. It has been a great job and a lot of fun. Not too many guys get to say to their wife..."Sorry hunny, I have to go drinking with the boys tonight. It's a work thing" and get away with it.

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    OK here go's.............................

    I was born in Long Beach CA in 1979. About 3-4 we moved to Anaheim CA 2 blocks from disneyland. Then around when I was 5-6 we moved to Riverside CA and grew uo there. went to grade skool there, and then moved to Norco CA and went to high skool there. Tryed the collage thing and droped out 3 months in.

    Started dating my wife in my freemen yr in high skool and one yr after 12 grade were weded. All in all we have been with each other for 15 yr now. 1/2 my damm life......But I LOVE that shit out of her. Have to kids, a boy (he is 8) and a girl ( she is 3)

    3 yr after we were married my started her own bizz and she was 3 months away from having our son and had to go on bedrest, So we moved in with my mom,dad. Then her mom ,dad said HAY MOVE IN WITH US AND DONT HAVE TO PAY RENT........So that is what we did. Moved to Ventura CA, (the best place to live is SoCal) Lived there for 6 yrs and now live in Durham NC. And have been here for 3 1/2 yr now.

    Moved here befor the economy fell out. The house in ventura in 07 was at $850.000, 4 BR 2 bath 2 car garage 1/4 acre of land. House was 20 yr old . The house in NC $239.000 4 BR + 2 spare Rooms the biggest 30-16 ft. My MB is 26-26 ft. 2 Bath 2 car garage on 1 acre of land, and I have a creak in the back. The house in only 7 yr old.

    So what do I do out here in BO HUNK NC, I work for TWCable as a installer. Install Cable,HSD,Phone. I LOVE this job. And will keep doing it untell thay fire me.

    Other then that Im a BIG classic car han. Have had 8 of them and now trying to get anothere one. The things that I love of the hobby/life style is the 1.1 cars, hotwheels, model cars, and all things old 50's and 60's era.

    Heres my website I made to show off my krap.

    One other thing YOU need to know is I cant spell for shit, soooooo if you are having probs reading this. I was havong ptobs typing this so there.

    Thanks for trying to read this.
    I love LR Kustoms RatRods and Wagons.

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    work for savemart-lucky stores in a warehouse driving forklift 27 years, growing up i realized my love for anything with wheels at a young age, neighbors had a bunch of gassers in front of their house every night(willys-55-57 chevys etc) around the corner my adult age cousins driving model a streetrods, my older brother coming home with different cars all slammed on the ground with chrome reverse steelies, one car i remember well was a 1960 bonneville that he painted the zig-zag man on the door, police shut that down real quick and i learned who the zig zag man was. so at around elementary age i was deep into cars and playing baseball, raced home made go-carts and big wheels and rode yamaha yz125 all day long as a kid, we lived in a neighborhood with big steep hills! started working in detail shops then body shops at age 17. untill i got my current job, at around 23 years old raced circle track cars on dirt and pavement. beginner class"s like enduros and street stocks, way expensive for begginer class"s, but had so much fun. last raced about 7 years ago then let my 15 year old son race it the rest of the season. always played softball and hardball 2x a week untill about 4 years ago when i was just to tired (old age) also coached my sons little league teams and supported him through his high school football playing days, forgot to mention i got married for 1 year (yes shotgun wedding) then divorced and my son came to live with me since he was 4 years old. waited 12 years to get married again. i only regret not going to college, thought it was for geeks, thats all folks!

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    Grew up in CT. French Canadian ancestry... first generation in U.S. Went to Connecticut colleges undergrad and grad schools... Involved in cars at age 14 as a garage mechanic and trading muscle cars and drag racing on weekends to pay for college. I majored in Finance and started investing money when I was 16. After graduating from college I began a career in the investment industry and was a stockbroker then got into management and was president of a large regional bank's broker/dealer then left in 1996 to run my own independent brokerge and registered investment advisory business. I crewed with friends in Top Fuel running a dragster doing NHRA and some IHRA races mostly east coast in the 80's. I also spent time helping out a brokerage firm (Sutro & Co.) back in the 80's hence my love for SoCal... worked in Santa Barbara, Ojai, Westlake Village, Century City, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, La Jolla.... where I usually took off to be with fellow gearheads in Downey most of my time there... Anyway my wife and I raised 4 kids... got 'em all through college and being the only one left in the house... I am a "target" to my wife who still teaches high school. So when I am not trading the markets and managing portfolios for my clients I am either in my 3 car garage or at my shop which is 3,000 square feet now with one of my sons who is into the VW watercooled lowrider community and I gel with his buddies when I'm not working on the Shelby, two 63 TBird projects, the 62 Catalina 2dr. post, a 55 Chevy Pickup and a recently acquired California car - 67 S Code Mustang that I have to completely rebuild. These things are my life and I can humbly tell you that I am one lucky bastard!
    The only thing on my mind is how good she's running. Labels are for those in need of recognition. - Diém

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    Snatch This!

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