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Thread: The Clock Drive-In Poster (Watson/Stanford)

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    The Clock Drive-In Poster (Watson/Stanford)

    Anybody ever see the video Larry made of Steve Stanford drawing it? While not incredibly well made, it's still very cool. Larry gives a lil history on each car and how he painted it while Steve does his thing. Plus the choice of music is great.

    Anyway, my dad took his VHS version and had it transferred to DVD. If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy, let me know and we'll work it out.

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    So, did you edit the clumsy fades out?
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    Na. It's the original edit. If I had the capability, I probably would smooth it out a lil though.

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    We watched it at our first LBCC Movie Night. Phil has it on DVD. Yes, its cheesy. But I loved every second of it. Some crazy cool custom history!

    I also watched part of it at Watson's house one time. I think I mentioned to some of the other guys how surreal it was watching the video with Larry. He was adding additional commentary on top of his already extensive narration on the video. So it was Larry yelling over himself. Adding more and more history to the experience. Larry Watson overload for sure, haha.
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