This is a friendly message to all people thinking about signing up on our board, and to new members who already have an account.

Lurkers - When you sign up for a new account, fill out as much of the profile as you can. The more information you put in your profile, the less likly I am going to think you are spam, and I won't delete you. If you use stupid names like, "mark98504857" or email addresses that the words are illegible, or the web domain is a bullshit one, you will be banned. Do not come back.

New Memebers - As a new member, you are required to do an intro, in our intro section. For those of you who overlook this section, or can't be bothered, here is the link, to help you in completing the task.


The reason for this is, that spammers put out leaders. There "leaders", look proper, but really it is a "lead" to our IP address, and then we get inendated with spammers. Normally, I would take the time to send a member who hasn't done an intro, a polite message reminding them of the importance of doing an intro. Not anymore. Everyone has to do one, so do it.

If you don't do an intro after a 2 week period, I will consider you spam, and you will be deleted. You may feel free to sign up again, at which time you get another chance to redeem yourself, and do an intro. If you don't, you will be deleted again. You get 3 shots at this. The third time, you are banned.

As one of the Admins on this board, I spend 45mins a day deleteing and banning suspected spammers and people who don't feel they need to do an intro. And thats just me. There is no telling how much time the other Admins spend doing the same thing. I can speak for all of them when I say we are tired of it.

Thank you for everyones attention to this.
The Admins of Los Boulevardos Message Board.